La Lumiere
February, 2016

Certain things make me jump for joy, at least on the inside. Among these are anyone accepting Christ, clearly sharing the gospel with someone who is searching, and students who take their first steps sharing their faith. As a team, that is exactly what we decided to focus on these past few months. Together we set a "wildly important goal" of seeing at least 12 students take the initiative to share their faith, on their own or together with us, with at least 36 people before the February school vacation. What's wild about this goal is that it's really beyond our control, so we set to praying right away. We were more intentional about inviting students to share their faith with us on campus. And we encouraged them to pray for their friends specifically. Since we made the goal, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in students taking initiative. To keep track and encourage the team, we created a chart with 12 ice cream cones on it. On the side of the chart are 36 scoops of ice cream. When a student tells us about a gospel conversation with a friend, for example, we write their name on a scoop of ice cream and move it onto a cone. It’s so fun to see the progress and know that students are taking steps of faith and the gospel is being shared. The results? There have been 9 students who have either had opportunities to share the gospel with their friends or have gone together with us on campus. The total number of people ice cream scoops is 38! What do you think? Should we take the team out for ice cream to celebrate?!

Ice cream scoop chart
Keeping track of students taking initiative to share their faith.
Pyrenees slopes
On the slopes at Piau Engaly

Maybe it’s because of our Montana roots or May’s years of ski racing, but we just wouldn’t be Workmans if we didn’t drive our boys into the mountains in search of snow to ski on. This winter has been especially warm and dry in France. We drove to our favorite ski station in the Pyrenees and it felt like late spring! The mountain was barely covered, the roads and surrounding mountains bare. We wondered if it would be worthwhile, but still rented skis. When we woke up the first morning, there was almost a foot of snow on our balcony! And it kept snowing throughout the week. What a blessing! Our next stop is the French national staff conference. This year, both Silas and Efrem are joining the praise band. We’re really looking forward to playing together. Then, May has an 11 day trip to Bangkok with the technology team. Computer gurus working with Cru from all across the world will be there discussing global strategy. There is also a student weekend, the evangelistic outreach Graines d’Esperance in March, and an April spring break project in Spain. Looking forward to seeing God working!

Blessings to you in Christ,

Family ski selfie
Family ski selfie!

  • for the students from Rennes who are newly motivated to share their faith.
  • for snow!
Please pray...
  • for May’s safe travel to Bangkok for the Cru IT conference (February 20-29).
  • for a successful student weekend (February 26-28).
  • that many not-yet Christians will attend the evangelistic event Graines d’Esperance (March 5).

Cooling down
Efrem and Dan cooling down during lunch.

La Lumiere
January, 2016

"So much love. I feel so much love!" were the words Yiteng said after she gave her life to Christ. A student in Rennes, she attended the New Year's conference and made a life changing decision. She was paired with Melissa the day we all went to Grenoble to share our faith. Melissa met Yiteng on campus a couple years ago and has been accompanying her on her spiritual journey ever since. After the outing, Yiteng was full of questions about how to invite Jesus into her heart, and how to know if He was really there. She ended up writing her prayer on the first page of her Bible with the date, asking Jesus forgiveness and inviting him to take control of her life. She was full of emotion as she read her prayer in front of everyone at the conference the next day to express her faith. God is changing lives!

The New Year's conference is a powerful time for students. We had 11 students attend from Rennes! Many took the initiative to share their faith for the first time and were encouraged by the experience. There was no snow this year, so we couldn't ski. But the mountains were beautiful! Dan prepared a workshop on how to dig into the Bible. It is such an important subject for our growth as Christians! The tools he developed can hopefully serve other contexts as well. And of course he played bass in the worship band, which is always a joy.

The Rennes Cru team is preparing a creative outreach before Easter called "Graines d'Esperance", or Seeds of Hope. We're involving local artists: photographers, actors and musicians to provide elements that will help our guests consider where they find hope and how they can carry hope in their lives. Jesus, of course, is the ultimate example of someone who gave his life so that others could find hope. We pray that many will turn to him!

Group Shot at CNA
New Year's Conference 2016 in the Alps
Prayer in Bible
Writing prayers in the Bible.
Worship team
Worship team fun.
Silas turned 15 this month. He's a freshman, the last year of middle school in France. Next year is the start of high school, and which one to attend is an important choice in France. It determines whether he will focus on science, literature, international studies, or some combination. It will also decide which precise test (called the BAC) he will take in just three short years. He will likely have to fill out applications, which feels a little like the steps Americans take as they head toward college. And these are difficult choices at the age of fifteen! Silas will also continue violin at the conservatory, which is a significant time investment, and he is a brilliant student. Many doors are open to him, and we need wisdom to choose the best one. Please pray for guidance.
Silas turninng 15
Celebrating Silas' birthday.

  • for Yiteng's life changing decision!
  • for the students from Rennes who are newly motivated to share their faith.
Please pray...
  • for wisdom in choosing Silas' high school.
  • that Graines d'Esperance would give many hope in Jesus!

Group time at CNA