The Workmans


Dan in one word - versatile

Dan exercises a vast array of talents, from playing guitar – especially bass, woodworking, photography, coaching to cooking. He has always had a heart for the arts, and his current artistic outlet is cooking. He whips up delicious meals and crafts the most mouth-watering desserts you can imagine.

He grew up in Billings, MT. Baseball was his sport and he is fortunate enough to now coach the Rennes Redwings baseball team. He is a patient coach teaching young French boys and girls the intricate strategies of American baseball, all in French of course!

Dan majored in mechanical engineering at Montana State University. Then he worked three years for Accenture as a computer consultant before jumping into French campus ministry. Now, when he's not wrestling with his boys, he's helping develop evangelistic web sites. If you'd like to see, visit the English versions at and Or if you are adventurous, visit the French sites at and