Ever since we've arrived in Kandern we've been looking for friends for Silas. One huge blessing is the Awana program available through a local church there. Two boys in his cubbies class really seem to click with Silas, Josiah and Matt. 

While walking home together (accompanied by their mothers) Silas and Josiah were talking all about his new umbrella. Silas loves it and takes it with him most of the time, rain or shine. Josiah said he didn't have an umbrella. When we got home Silas said he wanted to use his allowance money to buy Josiah an umbrella! Isn't that sweet? He did, by the way, and wants to give it to Josiah tomorrow. Josiah and his family are moving back to the states this summer. That's sad. But we hear that Matt should be around. We hope to get in touch with Matt's parents and get the boys together sometime soon!