My parents visit was very fun, and very full. Aside from showing them around Germany we also visited Bastogne and Normandy. Both of my grandfathers were in the Battle of the Bulge, of which Bastogne is central.

Historical significance hung heavily about as we watched Silas climb on 60 year old tanks and we buried him in the sand of Omaha beach. Although they don't know for sure, the allies lost 2,500 men on D-Day. That's more in a single day than the cumulative deaths in Iraq. The heroism of the soldiers who liberated Normandy was of the highest degree. May the soldiers who fight to liberate Iraq receive similar respect.

Emotion welled up as I hugged Mom and Dad goodbye in the airport. They pay a hefty price, missing their children and grandchildren, for us to serve here. We miss them too!

Canon in bunker in Normandy

Cross gravestone to unknown soldier American Cemetery in Normandy

Silas buried up to his head in the sand