Silas had a super-hero 5th birthday party January 11th. Each guest received their own mask and cape, complete with their own initial. Posters of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Larryboy and Buzz Lightyear, streamers and balloons added to the festive feel.

He and his friends tested their super-powers by playing various games: guessing the number of candies in a jar for x-ray vision, hide and seek for invisibility, stomp the bad guy (balloons with faces drawn them) for super strength, and throwing paper airplanes for flight. Was it as fun for the kids as it was for us who prepared for it? Grandma Judy made the capes. Dan drew posters, and he and May worked together to make the masks and sew the insignias.

Silas is a great kid. He's learning lots and lots in home school, doing simple dictations, addition, and some reading on his own. It's fun to see him learn firsthand. Recently he counted to 300 by tens and even recounted an entire book that we read to him. He is in to everything super-hero. Larryboy is his favorite, but Superman is really cool too.