It snowed 42cm, 16 inches here in Kandern in one day. It just never stopped. Unfortunately it was the same day that our friends, the Willers, drove down from Stuttgart to visit us! It was really great to see Dirk and Lisa and their little girl Katharina. We went outside with the kids to build a snowman on our deck. Now "snowmanman" as Silas calls him, is just an indistinguishable pile of snow.

We mentioned earlier that we're looking into a possible move. You might be wondering "why?" There is new Campus Crusade leadership in Western Europe. The leaders are re-evaluating our priorities. Reaching out over the internet is absolutely a priority, so our main job certainly won't change. But another priority is that everyone, no matter what level of leadership, be involved in a local ministry. Basically we're not supposed to spend 100% of our time behind a desk anymore. For us that means we need to be active in a local campus ministry, somewhere. They want me to lead from current experience with college students instead of looking back on my time in France. SO- from the 21st to 25th May and I are going to visit a couple of cities. Rennes is in the north of France and Birmingham, in the UK, not Alabama. Both Rennes and Birmingham have a local office to work in, plus they have campus ministries that we could be involved with. We'll be listening carefully for God's leading!