Who can hear the William Tell Overture and not think of the Lone Ranger? I was beyond belief when Aric, a college friend, told me that he actually thought of William Tell. Who or what do you think of?! During Silas' home school, we read a book called The Apple and the Arrow, recounting the story of William Tell. Did you know Tell played a role in Switzerland gaining its independance? How much of his story is history and how much is legend really can't be known, but it's a remarkable story. "Do you know that William Tell had an overature written for him?" I asked Silas. Here is a clean slate, I thought. Silas has never seen the Lone Ranger, so I can put the correct association with the music! With much anticipation, for both me and Silas, I put on the famous overture. Silas listened with intent. Finally he spoke, "That music is from Thomas and the rocket engine! That's what they play when he's being pushed by the rocket!" Aaah. My plan foiled, there was nothing I could do. The creaters of Thomas the tank engine had gotten to him first!