Madame Hardy met Yannick and me in front of an old church in Rennes. We had no idea where we were going. Casually we strode beside the church to a large glass doorway near the back. It opened into a long hallway. The fairly new looking elevator took us to the 2nd floor (if you count the ground floor as zero), and we walked the long hallway again. I had waded through some very nasty apartments earlier, but this one was surprisingly clean.

This apartment had been remodeled only five years ago. White ceramic tile covered every inch of the floor. The windows looked out into the abbey courtyard. The kitchen was small, with an opening to put a clothes washer. On the far side of the living room a wooden stairway took us to the bedrooms. There were two, but a mezzanine area could possibly serve as an office. The bathroom was small but they managed to put in two sinks. Again I was impressed by how clean it was.

When Madame Hardy started to explain the parking she quickly gave up, thinking it would be best if we saw it ourselves. The parking lies beneath the church, with a ramp that drives underneath, turns, then ends with width enough to park four cars. But there really isn't enough room for a car to turn around, so they installed a turnstile to drive onto. At the touch of a remote it turns the car for you. I think the boys will love it. Then, to double the parking capacity they installed moveable 'shelves' for cars to park on. The two shelves move together, so that either the top or bottom shelf is accessible at a time. With the turn of a key and the press of a button four cars can be raised or lowered. This will be a little annoying, but we'll have to deal with it. It must be worth it to have a parking space in the city.

What's best about this apartment is that it's right beside a large beautiful park, right in the city. We'll be able to explore Rennes and still get in a little 'green time.' Plus, finding a clean apartment in France is rare. We're really blessed to have found this.