"Want to hear what your son did tonight?" is a phrase any parent dreads to hear. Efrem has a classic raggedy andy style doll with thin yarn for hair. May a few evenings ago heard Silas, the informer, warning her that... Efrem was shoving baby's hair up his nose. She pulled a piece of yarn out of his nose. Then another was showing, which she pulled out, and another, and another. She eventually got out the tweezers and dug out 8 strands of yarn from the boy's right nostril! What, oh what was he thinking?! We've been in Getting Things Done mode lately. You know what that's like, when your to-do list has categories, subheadings, and chapters! We attack that list with fervor, but today May and I both realized we're burnt up. We want to just do nothing for a change, but that's plain boring. I wonder what God thinks of us sometimes. Maybe sometimes He says, "What are they thinking?" even though He already knows. We run out of fuel and don't know what we're supposed to put in our tank.