Impact - what impact will our short lives have? Reach - how far will our partnership with God advance His Kingdom? Are we listening to and obeying He who both commands and empowers? I will be happy if my two boys grow up to walk with God. What will He call them to, and will they listen and obey? I want to set an example, enlarge their view of God, and increase their faith. 

More about our decision...

While in Birmingham I was wrestling with - can I imagine myself living here? The culture there is vastly different. I can truly say that if that is where God wants us I could say yes. The UK ministry is moving, fueled by inspiring faith. The people there are fantastic, and it was so refreshing to have spiritual conversations in English. They would love to have us with them. But do they need us there? In Rennes most of our conversation centered on ministry. The French ministry is not strong. They have very few staff and struggle to gain momentum. They have faith filled hopes and God sized dreams, but they have an uphill battle. They too would love to have us on their team. Do they need us? Incredibly.

Where will we make the most impact for God's Kingdom? Where can we our skills and experience reach the farthest? Where does God want us to move? We believe the answer to these questions is Rennes, France. 

When this move will happen is still in question. On one hand we're enjoying every moment here in the Black Forest. On the other, Silas would benefit by learning French as soon as possible. The relief of making this decision is quickly replaced by other questions and details: housing, visas, transporting our stuff, and timing. But God is guiding us through it all. We really appreciate you lifting us up in prayer through this process. It's a great blessing to have you standing with us!