Our new apartment has spiders, lots of them. One evening while we were closing the shutter in the boys' room we noticed a fairly large garden spider had made a web across the top quarter of their door. I didn't mind him, but May made me clear out the garden of the big imposing ones, including our doorman. She has mentioned to me quite a few times how spiders drop down or scurry off every time she opens the doors that lead outside. 

Just the other day we had yet another type of visitor. We like to open our bedroom doors to air everything out in the mornings. As I went to close the door in the boys' room I saw that a brown slug had ventured inside and was speeding his fastest for the refuge of Efrem's bed. At least he couldn't scurry as fast as a spider, but have you ever picked up a slug? They're nasty! Bleck. The following day May and the boys were out while I was working on the computer. I heard what sounded like footsteps in our apartment. That's strange, I thought, there's no way May could be home by now. Subconsciously I assumed I must be hearing a neighbor upstairs. When the noise persisted I turned around to see a cat had wandered into our house. We stared at each other for a few moments in mutual surprise. He was fairly calm until I got up to help him out. At that point he ran into a room that didn't have a door open, jumped onto a heater and started flailing wildly at the closed door. I opened up another nearby and he bounded out and scurried through our hedge. 

That night, Superman came flying into our living room. "I want a storm trooper mask," he said. And daddy, I want a darth vader mask too. And can I have a light saber? Ah, you've got to love visitors.