First, May baked from scratch a buttermilk layer cake, a Joy of Cooking recipe. I used a simple pattern that I drew for a stormtrooper, trimming the sides of the cake to form the top part of the helmet. With the trimmings, I built up the bottom part of the mask and the nose. It was frosted with cream cheese frosting. The black on the cake is licorice, and silver sprinkles were used for the teardrop, speakers and mouth.

step one, a classic two layer yellow cake
Starting with a yellow layer cake
step two, trimming the cake's sides and using the trimmed pieces to build up the bottom of the mask
Trimming the top of the helmet and building up the bottom
step three, the cake all frosted
Cream cheese frosting and licorice
finnished stormtrooper cake, decorated with black licorice strings and silver sprinkles
Stormtrooper cake!