Over a year ago I wrote an email to my friend Aric.  We’re good friends, roommates in college, and in each other’s weddings.  Aric plays bass guitar, and I was thinking how fun it would be to play.  Aric wrote back about playing bass, passive vs. active, four or five strings, and so on.  This went on and on, and when I’d get out my guitar to play, sometimes I’d practice scales on those bottom four strings, imagining the rumble a bass would make.  When they heard I that play guitar at my church they were quick to say I should bring it in and play.  But there are already a handful of guitar players there, who all play at least as good as me.  The last thing they need is another guitar, but a bass, that would give some depth!  The months went by and my dreams continued to mull. 

Money was an object, because not only do you have to buy a bass, but also an amp.  Finally I thought perhaps I could afford to get one when I go back to the States this summer.  Maybe there was hope.  Then one morning I was on the train heading to a conference when my friend Aaron called.  Aaron is a gifted worship leader, and is asked to do that wherever he goes.  He wanted to know if I would play bass guitar for the national conference in February.  Another colleague was bringing both his electric guitar and his bass and would let me play.  What an opportunity!  I got to play bass with the band, learning along the way.  We practiced and jammed and played and, wow, I really had fun.  I think there is hope, and this dream just might come true!