Jeremie and I were at the science campus.  He’s a student there.  But Jeremie is excited to embark on spiritual discussions with others and that’s what we were doing.  We had a simple survey with only a few questions.  What are people’s main objections to God?  Your biggest obstacles?  And if you could ask God one question, what would it be?  Talking with three guys, their main objection was that it just wasn’t logical to believe in God.  One was especially cutting, “It’s like growing up and not believing in Santa Claus anymore.” He smirked.  When we got to the question he would ask God he said, “Why?”  Jeremie asked what he meant by that.  “Just why, that’s all.”

Isn’t that interesting?  Because in the presumed conflict between science and God, WHY is the question that science CAN’T answer.  With a mechanical engineering degree, I’ve studied a bit of science.  It goes to great lengths to find out how our world works.  But it can’t touch questions like: Why is it this way?  Why do I struggle?  or Why are we here?  When I want to know how long it’ll take to get to my destination I’ll break out an equation.  But if I wonder why I’m going there, can science tell me?  Only God can answer the real why questions.  That poor science student had never sipped from that fountain.  Maybe, someday, through that pride, the water of life will get to those parched lips.