Don’t you just love a good story?  While we were at the New Year conference, Laurent, one of our young staff members sat down with the microphone to tell everyone an encouraging story about Sophie.

Sophie is a student in Rennes.  She spent a year studying in Canada and became involved with Campus Crusade.  Through this, she participated in the summer project in Paris last summer.  

While Sophie was in Paris for the project, she happened across Eliezer, a French student she met in Canada.  She explained to him why she came to Paris and about the project.  Then she invited him to place his faith in Christ.  Right there in the campus cafeteria, Eliezer placed his faith in Christ.  He is active in his local church in Paris!  

Sophie has a passion to share the love of Christ with others, and after the project she shared about Christ with her family.  Because God was at work and Sophie took the initiative, her mother and two of her sisters placed their faith in Christ and are now active in their church!

At this time in the story, Laurent asked Sophie to stand up, which was met by a great round of applause.  Then Laurent asked Eliezer to stand up to even more applause, because both Sophie and Eliezer came to the New Year conference!

Isn’t it exciting to see God working?!  What a great story.