The wind was cool, but the sun was shining and it felt good.  I was on the science campus doing surveys with Tereza.  After being a little discouraged the last guy, Matthew, we talked to made everything worthwhile.  It started off pretty classic.  We asked why he thinks people don’t believe in God.  He said maybe because of disasters; maybe they think God isn’t taking care of us.  When asked if he believed in God, he was very honest.  He said you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, just like you can’t prove that he does exist.  Because of that he said he was in between, undecided.  We then asked, if he could, what question he would ask God?  His question, “Are you proud of human beings?”  Interesting question.  Since he was a biology student we talked science a bit.  I asked him if he sees evidence of design in his studies.  I asked if they teach anything about entropy in biology, because the scientific fact that things in general go from order to disorder doesn’t correspond well with the concept of evolution.  He was really open, and we all enjoyed our discussion.  We invited him to the Dialogues Veritas, discussion debate we’re holding later this month.  He thanked us for the discussion, seeming to really enjoy it.  It was very encouraging.  Pray for Matthew, that we’ll see him at the our veritas event, that God will make him thirsty for truth.