Look for thirst, that's what I do.  Before we talk with students we pray for the Lord to lead us to open hearts and minds, those who are already searching for God.  As we talk my questions dig, for thirst, for any sign that God is working on their heart. Sadly, most French students aren't even there. Indifference rules the day. So when we meet a student with thirst, who is looking for God, it gets our attention.

And so it was with Luc. When Halle first met him he actually said that he wants to be in communion with God!  This past week she met with him again, along with Rick, and Luc prayed to accept Christ!

Here is the story in Halle's own words:

My heart is rejoicing and I want to invite you to join in the fun :-) ...especially since this good news is thanks to your prayers, support, and many other forms of partnership!  Yesterday afternoon, I had the immense joy of being a part of seeing God bring a new son into His family!  Luc, the Congolese Econ student that I talked about meeting in my January update prayed to receive Christ with my teammate Rick and I.

Throughout our time together, in which we explained at length the gospel using a booklet called "Knowing God Personally," a major thread seemed to be

Luc's desire to find out what God created Him to do - his mission on earth - and at the beginning of our time, he didn't quite understand why it was necessary to have a personal relationship with God and receive His forgiveness in order to do that.  Rick explained that making a decision to accept Christ is the first step and without that, one is a bit like a computer that's only functioning at 10% capacity.  It's by knowing God and being guided by His Spirit that we begin to understand our purpose on Earth and the amazing plans He has for our life - how to experience abundant life and "function at 100%."

Through talking about that and a number of other topics related to man's condition without God and what Jesus accomplished on the cross on our behalf thanks to His great love, the Holy Spirit brought Luc to a place of understanding and desire to give His life to Christ.  Since seeing students make this decision here in Rennes is sadly infrequent right now (Luc is the very first this year!), Rick and I were (internally) taken aback when Luc said he was ready to pray with us right then in a little café (actually, the one where we have our monthly "Thé O Show" discussion nights).  However, it was with great joy that we participated in this sweet, life-changing moment. :-)

Traveling home via metro afterward, I could hardly keep from laughing out loud or dancing with sheer delight, but I contained myself until I met my teammate Melissa, who was as eager to hear the story as I was to tell it! 

Please pray for Luc, that his newborn faith will be grounded and grow!