Laser tag, go-carting, bowling, these were the ideas thrown out by Silas for his twelfth birthday party. We ended up constructing a series of fun activities of Silas’ design, which was a really fun party for him and his friends. They played the board game Wanted together, which was a hit. They were also provided with a half dozen colors of spray paint and each a plywood ‘canvas’ to try their hand at being artists. Hey, better in our back yard than on the side of a random building! I think they found it fun but not quite as easy or glamorous as expected. The rest of the party was about baseball. This is Silas’ first year of baseball, and he wanted to share that with his friends. We ended the party with a baseball movie, the Sandlot, which surprisingly had a French audio track. And we began the party by setting out bases and giving everyone a chance to swing away! The field was really muddy, but the sun was shining brightly. Suddenly it began to rain, out of nowhere. Looking across the field at the soccer game next to us every drop shone! I thought, there’s got to be a great rainbow somewhere, turned around, and there it was – the widest, brightest, most distinct rainbow I had ever seen. God’s little birthday present to Silas.