Walking through the door as we arrived home from church I thought – I must have left my bag in the car. Yes, I (Dan) do have a bag, a purse, whatever you want to call it. I call it practical. But as I looked this morning I didn’t see it (our garage is really dark). Assuming I left it at church I called our pastor, biked over for a key, then down to church – nothing. A knot began to form in my stomach as I considered all that is there: wallet, passport, carte de séjour, my favorite knife. I would hate to lose that knife! But how long would it take to replace my passport? How would I go about replacing my German driver’s license? The knot tightened. I tried to keep calm, praying and wondering how this story would end. Maybe it was misplaced somewhere at home – nope. I checked online to see if there was any activity on our cards. I had taken our car into the shop, and needed to pick it up before lunch. It was my last hope - that it might be there somehow. Peering through the window I unlocked the door, and there it was on the floor of the back seat. Huge relief!! It brings the parable of the lost coin to life. The desperate search, the concern, the rejoicing – over what? Over one person who turns to God! God cares about each one of us the same way I was concerned over finding my bag. Each person we see, pass by or interact with – God is pursuing that person the same way I pursued what I had lost (even more).

The big question is, how can each of us enter into that pursuit?