A good friend from college, who roomed with me for a time, is now sharing Jesus' light in East Asia. We had a rare chance to meet in Red Lodge a few years back, catching up while our kids poked around on the playground. At one point he laughed and shared a funny thought which crosses his mind when he thinks of me. Apparently there is a Chinese proverb that says - you can put silk on a goat, but it's still a goat! Whenever he imagined me speaking French, this saying came to mind.

French is such a beautiful language. Its flow, tone, musicality... And that's a stark contrast to his vision of me. I get his point, Montana practicality and down-to-earthness was infused in me. I'm no frills, plain old Dan. I think of the person he knew seventeen years ago, cruising in a blue half-ton Chevy with country music seeping from the windows, that guy never imagined he would one day live overseas. Yeah, a goat, sure. Put something silk on a goat, teach him to speak French, for example, and he's still a goat.

Well, I have to thank my friend for that beautiful picture that I can't get out of my head. I know my French is far from silky smooth. For those of you who would like to see it for yourself, I was filmed presenting questions2vie.com, the French everystudent.com website. You can see and hear for yourself what a goat wearing silk looks like!