Anticipation can be a blessing. It allows us to be mentally prepared. The more we anticipate, the higher the value of what we’re anticipating. Seeing a loved one after a long absence or getting that diploma is the consummation of what’s envisioned, hoped for. Silas wore his braces for just a year, far less than back in the day! He was greatly anticipating having them removed, to chew freely – especially gum – and have a smile unencumbered by metal. I’m happy for Silas and his new smile.

Just this week he passed the last exam to be accepted into the professional track at the Rennes Conservatory. It’s another long anticipated event. After passing the music theory tests, he had to perform two songs for the final test, a Lalo and a Bach. He practiced for months and months. We purchased a damper/mute for his violin, a heavy rubber apparatus to slide onto the bridge, so he can practice without disturbing our neighbors. He woke up every morning at 6a.m. and practiced. When the day arrived, he performed beautifully. In three more years he could receive a diploma as a professional musician… yet another thing to anticipate.

What is inspiring watching Silas is that he’s working toward specific goals, and we share in his dreams. It makes me think about what I’m anticipating. It makes me want to pull out of survival mode long enough to dream. I would love to improve my skills on the bass guitar or photography or videos. I would love to see what I can do to make my relationship with May ever better. I would love to have a clearer vision of what Dan in the image of Christ looks like and work diligently toward it. Maybe you feel like me, tired instead of passionate, overwhelmed instead of driven.

The author of Hebrews tells us “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” There is a good amount of anticipation in this verse. So, it’s something I’m wrestling with – what am I anticipating? What things not yet seen am I hoping for? What about you?