Dan and May's story




Dan’s Ministry

From the beginning, Dan has served in campus ministry. Many means are employed to invest in students’ lives, whether Christian or not, to help encourage them toward Christ. One exciting part of his job is with the evangelistic sites everystudent.com and startingwithGod.com (in French they are questions2vie.com and demarreravecDieu.com). Thousands of French speakers visit these sites every month where they hear a clear presentation of the gospel. They can even sign up to receive several possible email series to help them grow in their walk with Jesus or study the Bible. Dan is also exploring how he can use his talents to serve the ministry in France to make a bigger impact for Christ. We’re looking forward to see where God leads.

May’s Ministry

May uses her formidable talents to bless the ministry in France. In 2014 May went back to school, adding a hard-earned master’s degree in computer science to her set of skills. She loves digging into computer code and improving processes for French staff members. She serves with France’s national technology team which is based in Rennes. Their main project is the site www.agapefrance.org, but they work on plenty of other projects to help Cru staff be more effective. She has a typical day, to the office by 8, a quick bike ride home for lunch, then back to the office where meetings, projects and code await her attention. May almost always has a mug of herbal tea beside her and some headphones providing background music to help her concentrate.

Have fun watching the video introducing what May and her team does on a daily basis.




Partner with us


One of Dan’s favorite quotes is – "when I work, I work, but when I pray, God works." Prayer is the fuel for everything we see God doing. We truly need your prayers. Here’s why:

  1. We need God to work through us.
  2. We need God to change lives in France.
  3. France is a spiritually dark place, and prayer keeps His light around us.

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Cru has no central funds for paying the salaries or ministry expenses of their missionaries. We depend on both individuals and churches to give to our ministry regularly so we can serve here in France. Want to help?

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An additional way you can help is by connecting us with anyone who might be encouraged to hear what God is doing in France. This would be very valuable because we simply don't know enough people to complete our team. Use the blue button below to share a link to the video at the top of this page, saying something like, "Hey, I want to introduce you to Dan and May Workman who serve with Cru in France!" Then, let us know that you shared it. If it's appropriate, we will follow up with them and ask if they would like to hear more.

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