La Lumiere
February, 2013

No, not us personally. We are looking for soul amongst French students. Lately on campus we’re testing a really neat tool to quickly and clearly reveal one’s world view – perspective cards. Translated into French, our test cards are split into categories like the nature of man, God, the meaning of life, the source of truth, and the person of Jesus. The student chooses a card from each category that best represents their thoughts, and a clear picture of their perspective is revealed. One thing that has emerged is saddening – many don’t believe they have a soul. For them, they are simply a combination of flesh, bone and chemical reactions. There is no spiritual aspect to life. A math student, François, was confident of this. In turn, the meaning of life card he chose was consistent with his view – there is none. We talked for a long time. I asked where he finds hope? He didn’t know. What happens after you die? Nothing. François heard the good news about Jesus, but his soul which he denies wasn’t ready to listen. Some are so very far from God! But we keep searching for soul, those whose souls are thirsting after God. In Ecclesiates we read that God has placed eternity into the hearts of man. Pray with us that students in France will awaken to the yearning of their souls!

Perspective Cards
A great way to explore perspective on life.
  • for good conversations on campus.
Please pray...
  • that the Lord lead us to students whose soul is reflecting on eternity.
  • for progress for May and her team.

Touch screens, web sites, apps and campaigns, the campus directors’ conference Dan attended last week in the Netherlands was drenched in the digital tide of today’s technical reality. Social media can no longer be ignored in ministry. Why? Because social means relational, and that’s the context of everything we do. Those people behind screens are real people who really need Jesus. So we’re finally being encouraged to develop our facebook pages and web sites. Smile if you’ve heard that before!

Silas new glasses
Silas' new glasses. He doesn't have to wear them all the time, just for close up.

May and the technology team are persevering with Agapé France’s new infrastructure, creating the framework for online purchases, donations, staff member bios and the many other details that will help Agapé staff be more effective. The design for the new web site is being finalized, but for now it’s just a jpeg on the screen. Someone needs to translate those pixels into smooth flowing html. Do you happen to have those skills? How about taking a little time to help the team out? It could be done from anywhere.. Let us know if you’re tempted!

Silas' latest violin recital
Silas' most recent violin recital!