La Lumiere
April, 2013

Recipe for a great student weekend: take a motivated group of students to a big home well away from worries, as many tents as you can find, a poster size deck of Blitz cards, cinnamon and caramel rolls, two young and dynamic theology students as speakers, a guitar and projector, throw in hiking boots and a little adversity (like near freezing temperatures or the dishwasher breaking down), cover generously with prayer and serve everyone as often as the opportunity arises. This weekend was truly enjoyed by all. The speakers treated the theme of the weekend – the end times – with a great wealth of knowledge. Not getting bogged down in schemas they also talked about what happens after we die, and what heaven will be like. It was the students who chose the theme! Dan and a handful of others braved the freezing temperatures and slept outside in tents or even under the stars. But his favorite part of the weekend was conversations around the table or while hiking together. Knitting relationships together is a big part of weekends like this, and important for the group. We were from several different churches and represented a dozen different nationalities. It's amazing how laughing, praying, worshipping, learning and eating together brings us closer. One thing that was very impressive, this weekend was organized by our intern, Stephanie Chow. She did a fantastic job. Please pray for her, as she very recently decided to continue a second year with us!

Student Weekend
Student Weekend Fun!
Praise time
Praise time

As quiet as she is, May is a crucial part of our family and the Agapé team. May's attention to detail, her discernment, and care for her family and the technology team are paramount. May works incredibly hard, constantly thinking through the latest challenge for their programming project, reading home-school with the boys, running Efrem to class, reviewing with Silas for a test, keeping a close eye on our budget and doing our taxes. May gets up early to go jogging four times a week and still finds time to follow her one-year Bible, which she's done for years. May 1st is "May Day" and Labor Day in France. She deserves her own holiday! Mayday, or m'aider in French means – help me! God made Adam a "helper fit for him," and have I ever been blessed with May. Every day is May Day for me.

May Day!
  • for a great student weekend.
  • for May!
Please pray...
  • for Agapé France's 40 year celebration May 11 and 12.
  • for May and her team traveling to England to work with colleagues this week.