La Lumiere
May, 2013

Guess who's 40 years old? Agapé France! In June, 1973, the association Campus pour Christ was founded in France (later renamed Agapé France). This past weekend a few hundred staff, volunteers, prayer warriors and givers involved with Agapé converged to celebrate 40 years of ministry. Some of the original staff members who launched the movement shared stories on stage. French students who accepted Christ and joined staff told of how God reached into their lives years ago. The Lord worked to reach so many through evangelistic campaigns, door to door conversations in the dorms, multi-media, surveys and bible studies. Today Agapé France has 87 staff members working faithfully on campus, through sports, online, in music and arts, with families… It was a huge event! May was in charge of organizing the ministry displays, and Dan managed the logistics on stage – mapping out where everything was set up and connecting musicians to the sound system. Ultimately the weekend wasn't about Agapé France, but celebrating what God has done. It is His work we are lifting up for His glory!

Celebrating 40 years for Agapé France
Celebrating 40 years for Agapé France
  • for 40 years of Agapé France.
  • for May!
Please pray...
  • for our preparations to travel to the US this summer.
  • for May and her team to keep making good progress.

Last Thursday we held a celebration event for students here in Rennes too! Some students have already finished, still others took a break from studying for finals. It was a time of testimony, where many took the virtual microphone to share what God has done in their lives this year. Such an encouragement to hear! It was an emotional time too, as some students who are leaving Rennes had tears in their eyes. They recognize how their faith has grown – our investment is worth it! This year we took the initiative to talk with hundreds of students on campus, and scores of those were open to hearing the gospel message. At least 28 not-yet-believers came to regular bible studies or discussion groups. Our team is also saying goodbye to two staff members. They are seasoned veterans who logged 20 years of service in France and are now transitioning back to the States. We will greatly miss Rick and Lisa Kellum, but we are tremendously thankful for their faithful service for so many years. Please pray that we all keep our eyes and hearts on the bull's-eye, Jesus, as we continue to serve Him.

Praise Band
That's Dan playing bass with the praise group
Regional baseball tournament, Bretagne
Silas with his friend Julien at their first tournament with the Bretagne regional team