La Lumiere
July/August, 2013

Christian Qi Don't look down! That is our advice to Efrem before he makes his brave jump off the twelve and a half foot diving platform into the pond. His face is full of determination and fear, but he bravely makes the jump! It is a brave leap which I wouldn't have made at nine years old. We also want to acknowledge another who is making a brave leap of faith – Christian Qi. As he finished his last year of studies, Christian was faced with two difficult faith filled decisions. First, he felt God calling him to work full time sharing Christ with other French students. This is huge! Rare are the ones who are so driven. Finding a job and working in his degree would be so much easier. His second vital decision is to stay the course in spite of opposition. From a non-believing family, Christian came to faith through the Cru ministry in Montpellier. His family is firmly against this. Since announcing his desire to intern with us in Rennes he has suffered intense persecution from his family. These two important decisions are both enormous leaps of faith. The desires God has placed on his heart are so strong that he has stood firm before his entire family for what the Lord is asking him to do. He is working to raise the support to join us in Rennes. He has a long road ahead. Would you join with us in praying for Christian? If you are in a position to give a gift to encourage him follow this link: Give to Christian Qi.

Efrem : the big jump!
Efrem : the big jump!
A beautiful evening in Seattle.
A beautiful evening in Seattle.

Silas and Efrem are savoring every moment they have in the States, seeing just how much ice cream they can consume, how many pools they can visit, dirt bikes they can ride, guns they can shoot, games they can play on the wii, and bean burritos they can down. That's an awful lot! They really enjoyed their week at Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch. Meanwhile, we're trying to touch base with as many people as we can. Words can't express how grateful we are for you, and the meager time we have can't do it justice either. When we fly back to Rennes on August 25th there will be a short week to get the boys ready for school. Dan will already start meeting with the campus team and May will begin the push to finish the first release of the Agapé France web site by December. As always, we have to hit the ground running, hopefully at a pace that is realistic and maintainable. For now, we try to be present in each moment and thank God for the fantastic relationships we have. It will be tough to leave Big Sky country, but it's also a privilege to serve our Lord in France – precisely where He has called us. Thank you for making that possible!

With cousins and sister at Pike Place Market.
With cousins and sister at Pike Place Market.
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