La Lumiere
September, 2013

This has been our drum beat since we started with Cru in 2001. Nearly everything we do in campus ministry falls into one of these categories: winning people to Christ, building them up in their faith, and sending them out to do the same. We probably don't talk enough about send, the critical component that completes the multiplying discipleship model. Send doesn't have to be to a country far away, it can be across the dorm hallway. What matters is the missions mindset. Let's praise God together for a few send victories!

Anne's photoAnne - While Anne was studying in Rennes her involvement in Cru events was invaluable. Her creative touch on Thanksgiving skits certainly made them memorable. Anne's heart is naturally tuned to sharing the gospel, it's almost as if she grew up breathing Cru air! Anne just started a year internship with Cru in Moscow but she is also finding financial partners to join her!

Stef's photoStephanie - studies chemistry in Rennes. She is a veteran on the student leadership team and leads the J'ai Faim homeless outreach. Stephanie is tender hearted and soft spoken, but when it comes to rallying her peers to English club or sharing her faith she is very courageous. Stephanie has been waiting over two years for another chance to go with the team to Burkina Faso, and she'll join us for the week long trip October.

First day of 7th and 4th grades
First day of 7th and 4th grades.
  • Christian has finished raising his support!
Please pray...
  • for preparations for our trip to Burkina Faso, Oct. 26-Nov. 3.
  • Anne can finish raising her necessary support for a year in Moscow.

At the end of last year Dan challenged the student leaders to find a way to make Cru known to freshman students. When they arrived for orientation in September, we were ready to pass out two thousand care packages. In each one was a plastic cup, silverware, tea, candy, and cards pointing them to our local website and Stephanie and other Christian chemistry students were also able to give packages to the entire freshman chemistry class. 90 man-hours went into preparing the packages, and they went like hotcakes. Students were thrilled to receive something. We are now holding desserts and a bonfire to kick off the school year. Students are also excited about the Agapé Campus Rennes hoodies we printed. Let's pray this momentum continues!

Freshman care packages
Freshman care packages.
Rennes Hoodies!
Rennes Hoodies!