La Lumiere
October, 2013

There were 26 of us sardined into a house 30 minutes north of Rennes, girls upstairs, guys downstairs. Our student weekend was underway! Praise music, talks, games and activities were all planned. Through Jesus' parables our speaker, Hubert, brought out many truths about grace. He was challenging and reassuring. Students stepped up to lead the worship times, which was great to see. But the best part of the weekend was simply the camaraderie. The group was given the challenge to all cross over a fence marked by a string suspended just above waist level. The rules were simply to not touch the string or anywhere below it, and to remain in contact with each other - no letting go of the group. Teamwork and repeated efforts ended in wild applause as the last person leaped the string. What they found most effective was lifting people up and carrying them. It takes trust to rely on people that way! The theme that night was western, and everyone dressed in their best cowboy or Indian garb. We served up barbeque meatballs, potatoes, and brownies for dessert. Dan was actually in charge of food for the weekend. It was a fun challenge, but it took a lot of extra hours pre-preparing sauces, hash browns and monkey-bread.

Western theme
Can you find Dan?

Starting this weekend our entire family will be in the West African country of Burkina Faso! In Rennes we're wearing jackets and scarves, but the temperatures there will regularly push 100. It's a weeklong trip where we'll partner with Cru staff and students there to share the four spiritual laws on campus. The openness there is exciting! In addition there will be two Jesus Film showings, accompanied by soccer activities with the Athletes in Action group traveling with us. We're looking forward to telling you all about it next month!

Please pray...
  • the team's health and protection.
  • openness in the students we'll talk with.
  • smooth collaboration between the campus and athletes in action teams.
  • a huge blessing on the local team receiving us, and help with the challenges of receiving a group of 17 people!
Group Challenge
Group Challenge
Weekend group
Group shot during weekend