La Lumiere
February, 2014

What is God doing in your life? How has God changed you? What were you searching for when you found God? These are some of the questions we asked students to think about as they prepared their cardboard testimonies. Nathan and Joel (right) are in Dan’s bible study. They describe their lives before Christ as sad, lonely, overwhelming, selfish, with bad decisions and difficulties. Their lives after Christ have joy, peace, direction, God’s love, hope, and self-giving. There are still difficulties, but they’re not alone. God changes lives!

So why this emphasis on testimonies? We’re doing a new survey on campus, and one of the questions on it is - If you could ask a Christian any question about their faith or relationship with God, what would you ask? Keep in mind that most French students don’t even know a true Christian. Here is what comes up time after time - What difference does it make? What does belief do for you? Students need to be able to answer those questions. We all do. Sure, the answer may be everything! But if we want non-believers to vicariously experience our faith, we need to make it real, tell the story of our living relationship with God. And you? How has God changed you? Think about it. Then, who could you share your story with?

Joel et Nathan
  • for the testimonies of Nathan and Joel.
  • for the joy and pain of playing baseball in France.
Please pray...
  • that the Lord guides Stephanie and Christian in their decisions about continuing to serve with us next year.
  • for the technology team’s progress, specifically May finding solid blocks of time to work.
  • for wisdom, energy, and perseverance!

Silas celebrated his 13th birthday with his two best friends, Pacôme and Marwan. They’re in the same music section of their middle school. They love taking videos while playing together on the violin, trumpet and piano. Silas’ school organized a week long ski trip, packing a few hundred students onto busses and driving across the country to the Alps. Pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, Efrem played his first baseball game (in a gym, of all places). He’s front and center in the photo. It was the first game ever for half of the team. They lost, but they’re learning. Efrem is batting .500 and played catcher, pitcher, and second base. He plays flute in a special ensemble this month too.

Silas' birthday
Redwings baseball