La Lumiere
March, 2014

Two years in Toulouse, eight in Rennes, during the national staff conference Cru in France recognized us for 10 years of service. That’s a lot of hours invested, prayers implored, conversations started, verses studied and students discipled. It also represents your patient sacrifice to support us and pray. God is using our efforts and still affirms our call to France. Thank you for standing with us!

In a prayer meeting May led recently she pointed to something Jesus said at least twice to the religious people of the day, "I desire mercy, and not sacrifice." Jesus even told them to "go and learn what this means." Are we not the religious people of today? Have we learned? Sacrifice - it’s what we give, like ten years of service, it’s about us. Mercy - compassion or forgiveness given to others, outward centered. It seems God is more concerned with the way we treat others than what we do for Him. Isn’t it easier to pour effort into our sacrifice to God than to maintain a gracious attitude toward people? It’s a humbling reminder that even more important than ten years are the people we interact with every day. What about in your life, is there any sacrifice you need to rethink? Who do you think needs an extra dose of mercy today?

If you are interested in reading more : Matthew 9:13 and Matthew 12:7

10 years with Cru France
  • for ten years of service in France.
  • for Efrem!
Please pray...
  • that the technology team has a successful release of the new site, currently in testing.
  • for the campus team to stay focused in spite of the choppy academic rhythm of spring.
  • that we remain focused on our first love, Jesus.
10 YEARS!!

Efrem just celebrated his 10th birthday. A bundle of energy, he loves to make lists of the things he has to do before he can go outside and play! His favorite activity is ping pong, and he’s getting incredibly good. His flute playing has been another surprise. His teacher describes him as a TGV, a high speed train. In just his second year, Efrem is playing fourth year pieces. He also loves to read. The other night he was nearly done with the Hobbit and looking with anticipation across the table at his older brother who was three quarters through the Lord of the Rings. When we told him he needs to be older before he reads the latter, he was literally in tears! So precious...

Efrem 10 years old
Skiing selfie with Silas, May and Efrem