La Lumiere
April, 2014

These two months are very full with campus ministry. There was a great group at our student weekend, where we studied 1 Corinthians and had lots of fun. We had small group workshops dealing with the most asked questions we heard on campus, like 'How do you reconcile the pain and suffering in the world with a loving God?' and 'Why believe in God when we have science?' and simply, 'What difference does your belief make in your life?' These are important questions to wrestle with, but we had lots of fun too! Ever tried to get an After Eight Mint into your mouth, starting from your forehead without using your hands?

April fools day is celebrated in France by taping paper fish on people’s backs. We used this idea to make our group known and to offer a word of encouragement to students who have their nose to the grindstone preparing for finals. The team gave out 1000 paper fish at two different campuses on April 1st. Here are some of the students' reactions:

  • I wanted to stick it on a friend’s back, but now that I read the message, I want to keep it for myself.
  • No thanks, I'm vegetarian.
  • Could I have another one? I need twice as much encouragement!
  • At first I was afraid when you approached with your fish, but that is so nice!

Group Shot
After Eight

Efrem competed in a regional music contest, playing in a flute duet. Not only did he and his partner win their category, but they also won the grand prize of all the flute contestants! Efrem was thrilled, and so were we. He won a medal, trophy, gift certificate, and the entrance fee for next year’s competition. You can watch their performance on our youtube channel, workmanrumpus  or just click on his photo to the right. The boys' baseball season continues. The Rennes Redwings (twelve and under) have three wins, 7 losses, and one tie - yes, in France they play by the clock, and you can end in a tie! That’s not all that is different, but that's another newsletter!

Grand Prix
Skiing selfie with Silas, May and Efrem
  • for what God is doing in students’ lives.
  • for Efrem’s grand prize!
Please pray...
  • that new students will step up to the challenge of being on the leadership team next year.
  • for the final touches on the new
  • for the work already happening to organize a huge event the week of Oct 27, 2014 called "A heart for Rennes."