La Lumiere
May, 2014

It happened on April 18, with little fanfare. Hours, weeks, years of diligent work culminated. Ideas, designs, thoughts and details boiled down into lines upon lines of code. Shaped, formed and tested, the new is now live! May and her team worked diligently on this first release. Thank you for praying for this valuable work. Why didn't the technology team shout from the rooftops? It's only the first piece of the puzzle! There will be multiple improvements to follow adding categories and functionality. Seeing this first version will surely leave us thirsty for more. Perhaps they don't want to be overwhelmed. The site is beautiful, though, and they should be proud! There is a carousel of images with news stories, clean navigation to all different ministries, and Dan makes a cameo video appearance on the internet ministry page. It might be your only chance hearing him speak French! The technology team is deciding which portion to grapple with next. What they've accomplished so far is worth celebrating.


Silas continues to progress with the violin. Last month he pulled out the double stops for his recital, playing Intrada by Moffat. Double stop means playing two notes by striking two chords at the same time. It's very technical. Watch the video on our Youtube channel! Next year Silas will take the test to pass into the third echelon at the conservatory. This will test will demand not only dedication and hard work from Silas but also a huge investment in a violin that matches the quality he needs.


May and Silas took a weekend trip to Holland to celebrate his finishing 7 years of homeschool for English - that's in addition to all his other French schoolwork. School and violin are becoming too demanding and he doesn't have time for additional English work. While in Holland, they toured around on bicycle to take in tons of tulips and old windmills. They even saw the Ann Frank museum. Unfortunately no giant caramel cookie waffles made it back home with them!

  • for the successful launch of
  • for Silas finishing home-school.
Please pray...
  • that we finish this school year strong.
  • for God's leading as we plan for next year.
  • for resources so Silas can have a violin that meets his needs.