La Lumiere
June, 2014

Even before I agreed to direct the campus team more than four years ago, I was asking myself who would take the role after me. It's a lot of responsibility, and the balance of work time for both me and May has been a tiring search. I challenged two of my most experienced colleagues to consider co-leading with me, and Halle Thompson decided to step up! God is certainly at work here. Halle's initial response was a fairly definite no. But as we took time to pray about it, through the course of a week, the Lord turned her thoughts and even desires a full 180 degrees. Surprised by what the Lord was doing in her heart, she said yes with enthusiasm. I'm very thankful for Halle's willingness to follow God's lead.

One thing that never changes about campus ministry, is that it always changes! Nathan, Marie and Lorraine are three students we invited to be part of the leadership team next year. I can think of at least a dozen students who've been part of the servant team in the past four years. Not only do they gain leadership experience and help guide the movement, but it's an opportunity for us to invest even more in their lives. Today some of those students are interns or staff, while others are serving the Lord in the workplace. Investing in these lives is investing in eternity. Thank you for your investment!

The Rennes Campus Team
Campus Team: Stephanie, Dan, Halle, Christian and Melissa
Cornhole guys
Students trying their hand at cornhole during the end-of-year celebration event.
Cornhole gals

We want to share some norms for French baseball at the 9-12 year old level:

  1. Games go by time, not number of innings - no new innings start after 60 minutes of play.
  2. The pitcher can't fall behind in the count - if there are not two strikes after three pitches, it becomes coaches pitch. The coach, however, can walk someone!
  3. The balls are made of rubber - for safety sake, from the Kenko company in Japan.
  4. Kids wear soccer shoes and socks because - baseball gear is hard to find.
  5. Silas and Efrem have the 2nd and 3rd best batting averages on their team!
The boys
  • for Halle accepting to co-lead the campus team.
  • for a fun baseball season with Dan coaching his boys.
Please pray...
  • that May would be accepted for the computer programming training course she applied for at the University of Rennes.
  • for quality family time this summer.