La Lumiere
July, 2014

His journey started in Lyon, France, with a backpack and a pair of hiking shoes. He followed a well trodden path leading to Santiago near the western coast of Spain. Thomas has finished school but doesn't have a job yet. The journey started because he had some time, but eventually he recognized he was searching for God. That's the spiritual attitude of most of the pilgrims walking to the church where Saint James remains supposedly lay, the second most traveled pilgrimage outside of Jerusalem. The yellow arrows led him through the Spanish hamlet of Ligonde - that's where May met him, over 800 miles later. "What's really going to change after you get back?" she asked him. Thomas was still processing the answer, but he has definitely changed in a profound way. He claimed to have experienced God, and his one wish was to effectively communicate the depth of his experience. May worked at a pilgrim's guesthouse for a week, preparing meals, cleaning bathrooms, washing sheets, and welcoming the crowd of spiritually seeking people from all over the world. It's one of the amazing opportunities over here with Cru. And if we ask her the same question? What difference did it make in May's life? She's motivated to walk the Camino alone or take others to walk and talk with the spiritually thirsty. In France we desperately pray to meet those who are seeking. On the Camino, they come to you!

La Fuente del Peregrino
Check out the guesthouse's website to understand more about its mission.
Welcoming pilgrims
MacGyver - MayGyver

It was late Wednesday night when the team of 7 moms pulled into the guesthouse. May was tired and already inside when she heard someone ask, "May can you help get the keys out of the ignition?" The go-to gal, May was useful for all sorts of things the other moms had trouble with: changing light bulbs, backing up the car, removing crates, figuring out the washer and dryer, all things audio-visual. So much so that Sophie, in the arts ministry in Paris, started calling her "May-Gyver." Working together with the team of moms was one of the highlights for May, and they enjoyed getting to know her better. Maybe next time she'll even bring duct tape!

Waiting for pilgrims to arrive
  • for May's time in Ligonde on the Camino.
  • for Silas' and Efrem's successful school year.
Please pray...
  • that May would be accepted for the computer programming training course she applied for at the University of Rennes.
  • for nice weather during our two week biking / camping trip.
Hanging out at the Conservatoire