La Lumiere
September, 2014

The picture to the right is a classic first day of school photo. But this one is exceptional because this year all three are going back to school! Silas is in 8th grade, Efrem, 5th grade, and May - yes May - is going to get a masters degree in computer programming. All three start classes this month. May applied to a special program for people who need deeper knowledge in computer programming and was accepted into the University of Rennes. It's very intense. She was warned most people work 70-80 hours a week! But May is courageous and looking forward to the benefits this will mean for the technology team in the future. She has already trudged through a course on Java programming before classes started. This year will be different.

What does this mean for May? Aside from a ton of work, by next year she'll be more up-to-date in a wider range of technology fields. What does this mean for Dan? More time looking after the household and less time on campus. Halle Thompson is co-directing the campus team with him so he can focus on what his unique contribution needs to be. Guys bible study and discipleship will take priority, along with empowering the greater campus team.

May and the boys - back to school
Silas and Efrem and May going back to school.
Biking and camping family vacation
Another biking/camping family vacation.
Visiting the port at La Rochelle
We visited La Rochelle.

This summer we once again took a long bicycling-camping trip, continuing the trail down the western coast of France. Visiting La Rochelle, Isle de Ré and Isle d'Oléron, we were immersed in history and calm and quaintness, carrying all of our camping gear in saddlebags. We traversed two long and daunting bridges to get to each island. Besides swimming and building sandcastles on the beach, we saw the impressive Fort Boyard and surveyed the 17th century graffiti carved into the walls of La Rochelle's Lantern Tower. Dan and Efrem even competed in a pétanque tournament, taking fourth place under stiff competition. Most of the rest of our vacation was spent oiling hardwood floors and painting five rooms in our apartment. We're happy with the progress. Who wants to come visit?

  • that May was accepted into the masters program
  • for great biking/camping/family time.
Please pray...
  • for Silas and Efrem and May in their studies.
  • that the campus team adapts well to Dan's revised schedule.
Efrem throwing a pétanque ball.
Fort Boyard
Silas taking a picture of Fort Boyard