La Lumiere
October, 2014

How do you discern where your heart is? What types of indicators do you read? Is it thoughts or feelings, how you invest your time or money? The local Cru team in Rennes is trying to show where our heart is. We've rallied 5 churches and one other Christian organization together for "Un Coeur pour Rennes" (a heart for Rennes) which is happening the week of October 27. As a testimony to the city, participants will be visiting immigrants who are requesting exile, offering meals to the homeless, organizing soccer tournaments in poorer neighborhoods, and doing crafts with the elderly in nursing homes. Concerts and art expositions will run all week and an African storyteller will perform. All of this will culminate in a big celebration Saturday with a special concert by the band Kméléon making the journey from the eastern edge of France. But there's more, because in the midst of all of this we're hosting a youth camp. We're training youth from all over the region to explain the gospel, share their testimony, and be prepared for conversations about faith. This is about having an impact in our city and equipping Christians to be light in this dark world. The effort is too big to describe, but all effort is pointless without the Lord's blessing. Will you please join us in praying for a Heart for Rennes?!

Un Coeur pour Rennes
Silas and Efrem at the Rennes soccer stadium
Waiting for their moment on the field

Two Saturdays ago the Rennes soccer club beat their rival Lens, ranked just ahead of Rennes at the time, 2-0. Our whole family was at the game, but that's not what was most exciting. The true memories were made 15 minutes before the first kick when Silas and Efrem, dressed in full baseball uniform, ran onto the field before the crowd along with other players. The Redwings baseball and softball club were allowed to demonstate, batting, pitching, and fielding - an oddity to those soccer fans! The boys backed up the softballers as they showed what taking infield is like, while others shagged flies or pitched. Dan took their picture right after they ran off the field with such huge smiles on their faces.

  • for baseball night at the soccer stadium
Please pray...
  • for May's perseverance in her studies.
  • that a Heart for Rennes will have a strong and lasting impact on the city and in people's hearts.
  • for the training Dan is giving on how to present the gospel using the Four Points bracelet.
Baseball at the Stade Rennais
Precious turf