La Lumiere
November, 2014

It's unseasonably warm for the first of November; the sky is blue and the sun feels good. Standing in a park surrounded by high-rise apartments there’s no doubt where all of the people and children have come from. The crowd mills around, many are volunteers with red t-shirts that say “Un Coeur pour Rennes.” A fair is set up with games and face painting. Kids laugh and bounce on an inflated giraffe, and a magician confounds a group near him. Kids dart here and there with cotton candy or a warm crêpe in their hands, waiting for the African storyteller to take the stage, the live painting artist, or the Christian band to play. You’re at the “Fête de la vie,” a celebration that culminates the end of a week full of activities dubbed - A Heart for Rennes. It was a fantastic week. There were three flash mob dances performed downtown, which attracted a lot of attention. What are people from the crowd ever going to do with the video they took with their phones? Who knows, we handed them a flyer anyway. The flyers invited them to free concerts, an art exposition, café discussions, a brilliantly done display of scenes from the Bible crafted from play dough, and of course the Fête de la vie. Back at the celebration, a city official shows up, all smiles. He tells some of the organizers the mayor would like to invite them for refreshments. They respond that there are at least 120 volunteers who participated in the project! His response is, “Then we'll just have to use a large room.” The city is happy, the participants are happy, and people in Rennes are served and genuinely loved by Christians from multiple churches.

As for the training Dan lead for the 32 youth participants, everything went smoothly. The speakers were well appreciated, the workshop teachers all did a good job, the worship was dynamic and Dan had a chance to play bass guitar. They learned how to effectively communicate the gospel and share their testimonies. This week's activities provided an opportunity for that. Let's pray He multiplies the impact!

Dan with Silas and Efrem
Cotton candy!
A cloud of sugar floats over the cotton candy machine.
Conteur Africain - Chyc Polhit
Face painting
  • for the Heart for Rennes events, great weather, turnout, and God's love on display.
Please pray...
  • for May's first wave of exams in December.
  • that we have wisdom in choosing a new violin for Silas - and help finding one within our budget.
  • for the Thanksgiving event we're having on campus with a dessert buffet.