La Lumiere
January, 2015

France has many faces. Recently there were somber, determined faces holding makeshift “Je suis Charlie” signs (I am Charlie). It's a reference to the weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where the first victims of the recent terrorist attacks fell. In the course of three days, 17 journalists, police and Jewish people were killed. Everyone is doing some soul-searching, which is necessary and good. Many faces are looking for reassurance, security and comfort. Today is as important as ever to be in France offering hope in Jesus.

There are other faces too, young joyous faces at the MAD in France festival over the New Year. It's MAD as in crazy, crazy for Jesus. 1,300 youth attended the event, where they were clearly challenged with the gospel and were also given opportunities to explore how to share their faith. This year instead of offering our own New Year's conference, Cru was an official partner with MAD in France. They asked us to bring our knowledge of evangelism strategies and follow-up. It is certainly a change in ambiance, with loud praise bands and flashing lights. Things are happening in France! Light is shining on faces. God is reaching out and young people are responding. Amidst the energy and hype, at least two of the Cru staff that attended were able to pray with students as they accepted Jesus. Today is as important as ever to be part of what God is doing here.

Je suis Charlie
MAD in France
The MAD in France festival during New Year's

Silas turned 14 this month! Here's a quick interview to get to know him better:

What's your favorite book? Lord of the Rings

Who's your favorite composer? You can't have a favorite composer, there are so many good ones.

Name a famous person you'd like to meet. Jimmy Fallon, on the Tonight Show of course.

If you could go back and witness an event in history, what would you see? A Beatles concert, or a Beethoven concert.

  • for the MAD in France festival.
Please pray...
  • that May finds an internship that starts mid-April to complete her degree.
  • for Silas, that he would continue to grow into the man God wants him to be.

MAD in France, crazy for Jesus
Silas now 14
Watch Silas' most recent violin recital on Youtube!