La Lumiere
March, 2015
The prayer request has been consistently in the column on the right. We appreciate your prayers. May's search for an internship has been a challenge. The internship is the last requirement to finish her masters degree in computer science, which May has been working hard on all year. She sent scores of resumes and cover letters to companies here in Rennes. That effort yielded one phone interview, a few no's, and foreboding silence. She contacted a programming firm in Montana to no avail. One possibility remains, an internship project with the technology team at Cru headquarters. So, in just a few weeks May will be on a plane to Orlando. There are certainly pros and cons. Working at headquarters and developing relationships with the tech team there is a great opportunity. The project is a good one, building a conference registration system. And Cru should be able to help her with housing. We don't know about transportation or other details yet. The sobering downside is being away from her family for four months. To compensate the boys and I will make a stop in Orlando when we arrive in the States this summer. May has learned a ton during this intense year of classes, persevering through long hours and instruction in French. Her test scores have been great, and we thank God she's done so well. She is looking forward to putting this updated skill set to use. Do programming languages count for being polyglot?!
baseball season starts
We played our first games of the baseball season.

Efrem turned 11 this month! Here is a quick interview to get to know him better:

What's your favorite book or series of books? Percy Jackson

Who is your favorite composer? John Williams

Name a famous person you'd like to meet. R. A. Dickey

If you could go back and witness an event in history, what would you see? Jesus multiply the bread and fish.

Bonus question: Where will you live in ten years? Probably with you.

  • for Efrem, his energy and talents
Please pray...
  • that May will have a smooth transition for her four months in Orlando
  • for Dan and the boys as they carry on without Mom during this internship period.
  • for the health of Dan's mom, who is recovering from significant surgery.

Efrem's birthday party
We played capture the flag (or box of candy) for Efrem's birthday party.
Efrem turns 11
Efrem turns 11!