La Lumiere
April, 2015

I stood on the train platform at 6 a.m. saying goodbye to May. So choked up I couldn't say a word, May bravely hugged me and encouraged me before she climbed the steps of the busy train for Charles de Gaule airport. The boys and I won't see her until the end of June when we visit the States. Two days later May was shown around Cru headquarters and given a cubicle. On a team with five others, her internship project can now begin. May will be coding additional functionality into an event registration system. She is staying with a staff couple who also work at Cru headquarters. Transitions.

In Rennes Stephanie Chow is nearing the home stretch in finding her team of partners, with 83% of her support. The campus team is excited for her to join with us again! If you would like to help her with those last few percent you can do that at

Christian Qi has completed two years as an intern and plans on joining staff as well. Christian has been a huge blessing, especially helping minister to guys this year with the limits on my time. The big question for Christian is where he will serve. He has unique gifts and qualities. He could stay in Rennes or move to Montpellier or even Paris. We are all seeking the Lord's will in this. We need wisdom.

But that's not all! Noémie Orange is a mother of three young kids who volunteered as an associate staff this year. She is also hoping to join staff and continue working with us! More about her next time...

back in a cubicle
May back in a cubicle again, with a view this time!
I am coaching Efrem's baseball team, the Rennes Redwings. It's the 10-12 year olds. So far they have 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. The team is getting better and better. Coaching, like ministry, is a long term investment. It's encouraging to see progress. Silas' team, he plays at the 13-15 year old level, has three losses and one tie. One interesting thing is how closely baseball is tied in with American culture here. The people involved see it as a an extension of America. In contrast, ministry is hopefully the opposite, we strive to keep our message Christ centered and as non-cultural as possible.

  • that Dan's mom is doing well, breathing easily, adjusting to having a tracheostomy.
  • for three French people in various stages of joining staff!!!
Please pray...
  • that May will get good traction on her project.
  • for Dan and the boys as they carry on without Mom during this internship period.
  • for all that Dan is juggling, especially in May's absence.

at the plate
Efrem confident at the plate.
Enjoying tulip season.