La Lumiere
June, 2015

Noémie Orange has courage. She finished a trial year with the campus team, and has decided to join staff with us! Noémie's heart must be several sizes too big, because caring and empathy pour from her. She is a natural at making relational connections, an essential in student ministry. Married to her husband Néhemie for almost 11 years, they have three children: Eunice, Lauryne, and Léandre (8, 6 and 2). This is where the courage comes in. It would be easy to be overwhelmed by raising her family and put any other calls on hold. But Noémie is following her heart, specifically a heart for students. She herself went back to school to get a degree in social work, and is well aware of their gaping needs, especially for Jesus. This year she juggled her kid's schedules with time on campus and was a great asset to the team. We're excited for her to find her team of partners and join us again. If you would like to read more about her and even hear her tell her story, visit Let's help Noémie continue serving student's spiritual needs!

Noemie and family
Noémie with her husband and family.

Violin students crowd around the director in the courtyard of the conservatory. Three to five years of study at their current levels culminate into a few minutes of intense concentration, where everything hinges on two pieces played in front of the jury. The director holds the papers in front of her and calls out the names one by one. Some need to try again next year, some pass, and for others it's the end of their studies. I am surprised how many "end of studies" there are. Violin just isn't your instrument she tells them. The bar is very high. Of the 11 candidates trying to advance to the third level, only three pass. And Silas is one of them! We're also happy to say Efrem passed his test to advance to the second level in flute. We're proud of both of them.

Silas in deep concentration
Silas and Efrem playing for their tests.

Dan and the boys are traveling to the States June 28. We will spend a week with May in Orlando, then be visiting family in Montana, Colorado and Kansas.

  • for Noémie's heart to reach students in Rennes.
  • for Silas' and Efrem's successful exams
Please pray...
  • for Dan and the boy's travel and connections.
  • for quality time connecting with family.

Efrem playing flute