La Lumiere
July, 2015

Greetings from the States! May has only four more weeks of internship at Cru headquarters before she rejoins us for good. Not only is this completing her Masters studies in computer science, but she has done in depth programming work on the online event registration tool. Thanks to the intense year of study, they were able to hand off complicated projects to her. And she really enjoys it. She is very gifted, thank you Lord! But the best part of her time at Cru headquarters has been the relationships she's made. Time will tell, but we're praying this can help the technology teams be more internationally focused. We visited May in Orlando FL for a week! It was so great to see her again. We saw her cubicle at headquarters and toured the Jesus Film display. One night we joined a group to witness a loggerhead turtle nesting on the beach. A park ranger explained how they dig a hole and lay a hundred or more eggs before dragging their huge bodies back into the sea. But the highlight of our time was seeing the Kennedy Space Center. The retired space shuttle Atlantis was amazing. As brave as we act exploring space, it is how dangerous and daunting and vast God's creation is that impressed me the most.

at headquarters
The WorkmanRumpus was altogether!

Much of our time in the States will be catching up with family and supporters in Montana, Colorado and Kansas. Unfortunately we're not going to make it to Minnesota or Washington this time around. We would like to touch base with as many of you as we can. And we do hope to find some monthly support to compensate for a decrease we've seen.

Here are the churches we were able to schedule dates with:
  • July 26
    Bozeman Evangelical Free Church
  • August 9
    Faith Evangelical Church
  • August 16
    Emmanuel Baptist Church
If you attend one of these churches, please stop to say 'hi.' We would love to see you.

shuttle history

  • for a great week reconnecting with May.
Please pray...
  • for quality relational time with family and friends.
  • that May's last few weeks of internship in Florida go quickly!

Nasa sites
Learning about NASA's new and historical space programs while trying to keep from melting in the heat and humidity.