La Lumiere
September, 2015

The sun is shining in Rennes. Students are lined up in the hallway of the engineering faculty to register. And I am weaving through to tape posters to the side of vending machines. Students hover over a pot of boiling water in their kitchenette, I say 'bonjour' and put a poster beside the microwave. It's time to rally the forces, find Christian students who are driven to grow in their walk with Jesus, and make connections with those who need to hear the gospel. But one important opportunity awaits it's final ingredient. Since 1988 our organization has a healthy relationship with the college administration, specifically in the dorms. They have provided various rooms for us to meet in over the years. With current remodeling they have a new room available, which they are offering us to use weekly! The one hang-up is that we need students who live in the dorms. They are the key to reserving and using the space. Right now we don't know any students living there. So we have an amazing opportunity with one big roadblock. Let's pray together that we can meet students there who can unlock the potential being offered!

Posters on campus
This is Efrem's first year of middle school, 6th grade. For him school starts at 9:15, so early in the mornings he and Dan will work on English at home. It is the first year he is required to also take English at school, where he can coast, otherwise the normal classes await: math, science, technology, French, history, art, gym... Efrem normally rides the bus, getting home around 5:30. Tuesday mornings Efrem goes to the conservatory for an ensemble and a flute lesson. In his ensemble he plays with a piano, violin and bass. His lunch periods are too short to come home but on Wednesday afternoons there is no school, and he has chosen a scuba class just across the street (thanks Rennes!). Friday afternoon is a music theory class also at the conservatory. Saturday morning is baseball practice, with his dad coaching. Of course, the rest of the time Efrem is rushing so he can get outside to play!
First day of school

  • that May has finished her masters program - and passed with flying colors!
Please pray...
  • for May's new debut with her technology team.
  • that we find motivated students who live in the dorms at Beaulieu.
  • that we all manage our busy schedules well, keeping our priorities in the right place.

Beaulieu university campus