La Lumiere
October, 2015

The rally cry of Cru is win, build, and send! We have lived and breathed this for years, pouring over how to infuse it into student's lives. This year we thought - what if we begin at the end? Start with send, and pass along the call to share the gospel right away? That was the focus of the student weekend we just had. Dan was in charge of the teaching, which centered on two things. First, motivating us to live for Christ using Paul as an example. He explored what motivated Paul to live such an extraordinary life, zeroing in on 2 Corinthians chapter 5. Second, the teaching explored taking our God given interests and passions and trying to build bridges for the gospel with them. A colleague, Yannick, joined in by showing the example of movie discussions like the ones he hosted for years on campus. With 33 participants, this was the biggest attendance on record for a weekend. Everyone enjoyed the praise music, teaching, small group discussions, creative games and challenges. Saturday night the theme was super-heroes, and everyone dressed up to suit. We can positively say it was a super weekend!

Playing an intricate game of team tag.
Super coach
Can you spot Dan as "supercoach" in his Billings Scarlets hat?
The effort to pull off a student weekend retreat spills beyond our team. For example, Stephanie helped develop and present the workshops with Dan. Starting as a student, Stephanie stayed involved as part of the servant team after college, volunteering her time and talents. She has taken charge of our homeless outreach and also webmasters the Rennes campus ministry's web site. Another huge help is the retreat location. A couple from our church, Colin and Rosie, have generously offered their large home in the country about 20 minutes north of Rennes. For two days and nights we take over their kitchen, make all kinds of commotion, and camp out in every possible room. This allows us to offer the weekend at a very affordable price, mainly to cover the food. Stephanie, Colin and Rosie or our student leaders deserve a big round of thanks for all their help. We appreciate all they do!
Stephanie presenting a workshop.

  • for a great student weekend and such great help!
Please pray...
  • for more guys to get involved.
  • that we find motivated students who live in the dorms at Beaulieu (still praying!).
  • for Dan's travel to Malta mid November for training.

Mr. Batman