La Lumiere
November, 2015

On Friday night, November 13th, Paris once again became a target of terrorism. The coordinated attack by suicide bombers could have struck anyone, and 130 lost their lives. Although this is almost 200 miles from where we live, all of France is reeling from the gruesome hate and violence. Many are thinking - that could have been me or someone I love. How can we respond? We can listen and pray. We are preparing to place a "Pray for Paris" sign near campus in December and simply invite people to pray with us. Hopefully we can demonstrate a calm confidence in God that will encourage the French to seek the Prince of Peace. We have been praying for spiritual revival in France for years, perhaps this can be a catalyst. Lastly, we need to remember the opening lines of Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way... There are plenty of things to fear, but God is present and completely for us. Our trust is in the Shepherd and Overseer of our souls. Jesus is worthy of our hope. May we continue to proclaim his love boldly!

I just returned from a week long conference in Malta. Together with leaders from across Europe, we studied strategic planning and leading teams. It was great food for thought, and I look forward to discussing things further with my team. One specific talk really impacted me. It compared our faith filled goals to large boulders we couldn't possibly move (only God can). But there are certain things we can do, such as place levers to try to move the rock. Levers are the actions we are responsible for. What can we do to help get the boulder moving? The speaker gave an important reminder - prayer is your most important lever. Amen! Everything else is empty unless God is involved. So lets keep inviting him to move boulders, even mountains! Your partnership in prayer is so essential to seeing God work here. Please keep praying for France.
Silas' recital

  • no Cru staff or students were hurt.
  • for the two students who are willing to reserve rooms for us on the Beaulieu campus!
Please pray...
  • for peace and security (Ps. 46:9).
  • that the Lord uses these events to draw the French to Him.
  • for opportunities to listen and pray with students.
  • for the upcoming Christmas event and New Year's conference.

On campus advertising our Thanksgiving dessert event.