La Lumiere
March, 2016

May traveled to Bangkok with the technology team for 10 days last month. They were there for a conference with technology leaders, around 45 people from a dozen different countries. It was a chance to step away from the urgent and listen to what's being done all around the world, their projects and challenges. The hope springing from their time is that they might work together to develop solutions that would serve everyone instead of each country working on their own. Two things that struck May about Bangkok was the air pollution and cables strung all over the city. Still, at the conference working in English for a change was refreshing to her. "I think I’m a more intelligent person in English," she says. Whether that's true or not, it was a good experience. Unusual for the introverted May, she enjoyed networking and getting to know so many technology colleagues. We have traveled to many different countries, but one thing that stood out in Thailand was the strange inconsistencies, like seeing families living in extremely poor conditions yet having luxury cars parked in their living rooms. There were also tourists everywhere. She's not into spicy, but does like Thai food. I still haven't had the courage to try the dried cricket's she brought home!

Bangkok skyline
Global Tech Team
Global Tech Team

The evangelistic event "Graines d’Esperance" or Seeds of Hope went very well. Over 170 people came to explore the theme with two photo expositions by local photographers, a skit, musical performances and discussion questions to guide their reflection. One of the questions that was asked was: What nourishes your hope? We wanted to give the opportunity for a Christian at the table to share their hope in Christ. Feedback was very positive, many asked for bibles or the book More than a Carpenter, and a number also expressed interest in doing a discovery group Bible study. But the highlight of the night for me was seeing Silas and Efrem play "Spring" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons together!

player and coach
On the field.

I am coaching Efrem's baseball team (10-12 yrs) once more this year, and to kick off the season we went to a tournament in Savigny sur Orge. Last year the Redwings took seventh, this year we were fourth! It is encouraging to see the fruits of three years of coaching, and the team played very well. Silas is playing at the next level up, so we have lots of baseball to look forward to this spring!

  • for a successful conference in Bangkok for May.
  • for the 170+ people who attended Graines d'Esperance, good discussions and openness.
Please pray...
  • for the spring break project in Ligonde Spain (April 9-17).
  • for future collaboration between technology teams.
  • that the Lord would watch over our family's health, both in France and back in the States.

Warming up
Efrem warming up.