La Lumiere
June, 2016

Researchers have said that people with a certain characteristic are more mentally and physically healthy, sleep better, have increased self esteem and stronger relationships. It is something each of us can consciously foster, and is something Paul exhorts us to do in many of his letters. Have you made a guess? It's gratitude, thankfulness. It is the theme that Cru in France chose for this year, because of Paul more than the science. At the end of this school year, here is a glimpse (in no specific order) of the many things we are thankful for!

  • The teams we work with! The technology team, the campus team and the greater Rennes team is full of precious people we love and respect. We are team players, and it's important to have a good team.

  • God at work! Whether it's drawing students like Yiteng to faith or Valentin growing and sharing his faith, God’s Kingdom is advancing in France.

  • Good grades! Both Silas and Efrem are doing fantastic in school. France has a solid yet potentially negative educational system. Thankfully both of our boys have stayed ahead of the curve and are learning very well.

  • You! We simply couldn't be here serving Jesus if it weren’t for you, your faithful prayers and gifts. This is a beautiful team effort, which is both encouraging and humbling. We appreciate you!!

  • Music! Our apartment is constantly filled with music, usually a violin or flute being played. Music is a joy for all of us. Being here has opened up the possibility of our boys receiving an excellent music education.

  • Rhubarb! And other things from our garden. We rent a small plot where strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, peas, garlic and herbs are growing under May's steady encouragement. Dan likes baking rhubarb pies, and everyone enjoys eating them.

  • 20 years! We celebrate twenty years of marriage this month. They have been wonderfully full, but have gone by quickly.

  • Family! Especially our family in the States who patiently endures the consequences of such distance with us. It's hard to be so far apart when grandparents pass away or yet another birthday goes by. Thankfully our family understands our calling. Their support is really important to us.

  • Grace! No list of thankfulness could be complete without God's grace, the source of every good thing. Our prayer is that it would be ever more abundant in our relationships and for you too!

Celebrating what God has done this year!
20 years
This month we celebrate 20 years of marriage!
flute exam
Efrem playing for his final exam. Allegretto by Benjamin Godard

  • for the many blessings listed in the first column.
  • for twenty years of being married!
  • that Silas and Efrem were both accepted to participate in the two week Crescendo conference taking place in Hungary. Crescendo is Cru's ministry to classical musicians.
Please pray...
  • for the "Programmer's Summit" May is going to in Orlando on July 9-23, that everyone would work well together on their common project.
  • that Dan is able to connect effectively with you and many others on this ministry team.
  • that we stay centered on Christ and the gospel.