La Lumiere
February, 2017
Dan and May in the sun.

My dear wife has threatened to lock me out of my work email account and change the password - but only for the month of March. That might be a little extreme, but I didn't know the amplitude of the challenge I'm getting into. Normally Cru allows staff a sabbatical every eight years. It's been 15 years now and I'm finally getting around to taking one. A sabbatical can be described as a break from work to concentrate on a particular aspect in our walk with God. My goals are: to be refreshed in my relationship with the Lord, to rest, and to find direction for my roles with Cru in France. Having taken a step back from the local campus ministry this year, it seems an appropriate time to listen and evaluate. The month of March is the first phase, when I will be challenged to truly slow down, connect with the Lord, and charge my batteries. It's going to be a challenge. That phase will be followed by seeking direction, where I envision myself listening, then placing the needs and wants before the Lord. The big question is how I - as the unique person he has made - can have the most impact for his Kingdom in France. I'm excited for this time ahead and looking forward to seeing how God will lead. Would you please pray with me for guidance and wisdom as we look to the future? Thank you!

Silas turns 16!


  • for the opportunity to have a sabbatical.
  • that we've made enough progress to complete our focus on support..

Please pray

  • for the national staff conference that's taking place this week (13-18th), and for the special program planned for staff kids.
  • for wisdom and guidance in Dan's future roles with Cru in France.
Silas ironing, learning life skills.
Silas learning life skills. His concert shirts have to be ironed!
Efrem playing the bass.
Efrem having fun on Dan's bass guitar.

Silas turned 16 last month. When we first left for France he was 8 months old. It's pretty amazing to think about how different his life is from a typical teenager in the US. He hasn't even started the process for getting his driver's license, the age for that is 18 in France. Only two-thirds pass the driving test the first time, with the costs of driving school at around $1,770. Silas' high school has no basketball or football teams, in fact no organized sports at all. There are no school dances. During their three short years there, students mostly prepare for the grueling end of high school written and oral test called the bac. Most of Silas' courses are taught in French, but since he's in an international section, some are also in English. He studies German too. We don't have a television, but if we did Silas wouldn't have time to watch it anyway. Silas has three music classes (harmony, writing and rhythm) plus violin, orchestra and chamber music at the conservatory. His past two weekends were completely taken up by orchestra rehearsals and concerts. Silas rides the city bus to and from school, often carrying his violin in addition to his backpack. His earbuds pump even more classical music into his head, but their absence certainly doesn't mean the music stops. Silas is constantly humming or singing the notes to something, a built-in radio that likely provides a soundtrack to his dreams at night.

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