Parc du Thabor in the spring.

Remember life before the internet? Before email? I remember punching away at my dad’s electric typewriter and the satisfying sound of each letter slapping the paper. Hearing the soft tap of my keyboard, I think we’ve come a long way. But what would you say if I insisted on writing each of these newsletters by hand? It’s tax season and I have before me our giving receipts to Cru in France from 2015 and 2016. The first is a form filled out in longhand, name, address, amount given, etc. The second is 100% computer generated from the cumulative amount to the address perfectly placed to be seen through the window of the envelope. In the past the order of the printouts wasn’t the same as the address labels, and it took a volunteer a week just to alphabetize and coordinate them. May’s reaction to this is the same as yours might be to my handwriting these newsletters. She couldn’t let it go on that way! Working together with the operational staff in the Paris office, she revolutionized their process. May helped them query their database for everything they needed. She reformatted the report, which looks much more professional, with the logo, positioning the address for the envelope window - imagine the time saved just there! I heard the volunteer is bored because she doesn’t have much to do. Technology is here and can help us. The operational staff is very thankful to May for connecting them to it!

Efrem playing in Plancoët.


  • for Efrem’s performance at Plancoët, and his grand prize!
  • for May’s contribution to the greatly improved gift receipt process.

Please pray

  • that Efrem continues to progress and enjoy playing the flute.
  • for wisdom and guidance in Dan’s future roles with Cru in France.
Dan Workman
Sabbatical in Colorado.
A week of sabbatical was spent with my family in Colorado.
Efrem practicing his swing.

Efrem competed for the third time in the regional flute competition in Plancoët. Once again he won the grand prize among all of the 30 or so flutists. His flute instructor from last summer's Crescendo Institute commented "It seems flute playing is sooooo easy for Efrem!" When I asked Efrem if it was easy for him he was quick to say no. But with his great stage presence and outstanding sound people take notice. Efrem will take the test to pass into the 3rd level of the Rennes Conservatory in May, a year ahead of normal. Then again, why be normal?


Thank you to everyone who prayed for my time of sabbatical in March. It was restful, refreshing, and great to spend extra time with the Lord. Not looking at my work emails for a month was surprisingly easy! I'm entering into a phase of discussion with HR to redefine my job description, which will have some new elements and others which stay the same. I'll tell you all about it as soon as things become more clear. Please pray for wisdom in my next steps!

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