Dan and Efrem after a game.

In our online evangelistic and discipleship efforts, we're constantly trying to relate to our audience in more effective ways. Three years ago we launched our first email series, the Spiritual Starter Kit. When someone responds with "I just gave my life to Jesus" on questions2vie.com, they are offered this series of 8 emails to help them in their new life with Christ. To date, 870 people have signed up! The next step is an email series about the Holy Spirit, and we've seen about three-quarters continue on - a pretty good retention rate. But that's not all! Next the demarreravecDieu.com (startingwithGod.com) site launched an email series on the Gospel of John. This Bible study with commentary comes in the form of 37 emails, and is having a profound impact. How do I know? People tell me! All of the emails in the series come personally from me (it is automated), so they just click reply. This provides a steady flow of emails into my inbox, many simply saying - thank you! But there are also lots of questions about living a life of faith: coping with anxiety and depression, how to effectively repent, how to live a life of prayer, battling addictions, dealing with suffering. Please pray for wisdom in responding to these emails! Thanks to Cru's efforts in setting this up, our online connection has become even more personal and direct. In a sense, at this moment I am studying John with 165 people, walking through the fundamentals with 53 new believers, discussing the Holy Spirit with 34, and am engaged with 8 who are receiving the Spiritual Adventure Pack. That's another series offered on our evangelistic site for anyone who is seeking God, giving a real and personal invitation to trust Jesus. It's hard to imagine all that God is doing in people's lives, so here is an encouraging email from Doune. I pass it on as you deserve thanks too! "Once again, thank you very much for your willingness to contribute to my spiritual training in order to better know our God. Until next time, and may his grace accompany you always."

Silas playing with excellence.


  • for the great response to the email series offers.

Please pray

  • for wisdom and guidance in Dan's future roles with Cru in France, which is in discussion now.
  • that we find a location in the Paris area to host a hackathon weekend in October, suitable for at least 30 participants and having great internet.
  • that Silas and Efrem finish the school year strong, and that Silas progresses in driver's training.
Dan with his team, baseball season is in full swing.
Driver's training.
Learning on a typical Peugeot 308.

A typical weekend for Silas is filled with homework and at least four hours of violin, and there are definite results. He just passed his violin exam for the year, so hopefully he can focus on his next project - his driver's license. He is signed up and has taken his first lesson in the driving school's car. It's a stick shift with a full set of petals (clutch, brake and gas) on both driver and passenger sides! Did you know less than 20% of cars in France are automatic? We got a head start and practiced together in a parking lot before his initial evaluation. Thankfully, the instructor thinks he can get by with the minimum amount of lessons.

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